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9. Nov. 1987
Eurythmics: Savage
01. Beethoven (I Love to Listen To) - 4:48
02. I've Got Lover (Back in Japan) - 4:25
03. Do You Want to Break Up? - 3:38
04. You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart - 3:50
05. Shame - 4:23
06. Savage - 4:10
07. I Need a Man - 4:21
08. Put the Blame on Me - 3:44
09. Heaven - 3:28
10. Wide Eyed Girl - 3:29
11. I Need You - 3:22
12. Brand New Day - 3:42

Total time: 47:20
All songs by Lennox / Stewart

Celebrated by many devoted fans as the greatest Eurythmics record ever, Savage marks a return to Dave and Annie's musical beginnings with highly introspective lyrics and a clean, sparse sound rooted in drama and high-powered angst.

Savage is honesty and deception in one, a raw sketch of loneliness, desperation, glamour and redemption. The washed-out whore and her home-maker counterpart lead the listener in and out of emotional turbulence, a struggling female psyche plagued by conflicting polarities, teetering on the edge of implosion. The mood is safe one minute and the next moment it shoves the listener into reckless abandon and wild sexiness. The lyrics are direct and abstract, giving the record cutting momentum.

Made in the French countryside, Savage is a patch-work quilt of sound. From wild electro-synth to raunchy rock n' roll, with subtle elements of acoustic folk and gospel to rough up the edges, Savage succeeds in uniting each of the duo's divergent influences. It is Annie's powerful, haunted voice that threads the songs, filling out Dave's hollow sound with rich density. Lonely and dignified, it carries the Freudian themes of the record to climax with confident drama and vocal flare.

Arresting with its stark simplicity and bold lyrics, Savage is Eurythmics late-80s triumph. Sad, sexy and stony, it is close to brilliance and remains the duo's favourite album.

An exceptionally creative video album was made in conjunction with the record but it is sadly out of print.

Notable songs: Beethoven (I Love To Listen To), You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart, Savage, I Need A Man, I Need You, Brand New Day

Review by Andrew Ritchie and dedicated to Norm Authier. Sources: "Annie Lennox: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" by Lucy O'Brien; "Annie Lennox" by Lucien Randall.