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"We're not a revival band, we're a survival band" - Lennox at the Brits
Eurythmics performed together publically for the first time in seven years at
the 1999 Brit Awards.
The reunion of Eurythmics was a fact.

In December '98 it was announced that Eurythmics would receive a special Lifetime Achievement Award at The Brits 1999 show Feb. 16. at the London Arena. The award was presented by Stevie Wonder, for whom Annie and Dave have often expressed their admiration. There was a special performance - a medley of old songs - where Wonder joined in for "There Must Be An Angel", the old no. 1 UK hit single from 1985 where he originally played the harmonica.

At the time of the announcement in December Dave Stewart was cautious not to say to much about reunion plans calling their sessions in their London studio The Church "experimenting."
"We've been playing together and meeting up, but we don't want to put any pressure on ourselves."
Stewart's reaction to the announcement was especially pleased.
"I've won quite a few Brit awards individually and together [with Lennox] but this one is special because it spans your whole career," says Stewart. "It's the once-only award. It's pretty amazing."
- Allstar Magazine dec. 98

Sweet Dreams
There Must Be An Angel
(w. Stevie Wonder on harmonica
Here Comes The Rain Again
You Have Placed a Chill
Thorn In My Side
Right By Your Side
Its Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
I Need A Man."
"To finish the ceremony, the Arena crowd were already expecting 80s stars the Eurythmics, who were nominated alone in the Outstanding Contribution to British Music. But it was a big surprise when soul legend Stevie Wonder came out to introduce them. Then Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox marched on in Union Jack outfits that recalled Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's from two years ago. Lennox got a huge cheer, and said:
"I would just like to say that music has given us the opportunity to communicate with everybody in the world, no matter what race, culture or creed, and this is why we would like you to keep standing and show your respect for the families of Stephen Lawrence and Michael Menson."
(Stephen Lawrence was a black youth murdered. The ones suspected of the murder are still walking free.)
This was Lennox and Stewart's eleventh Brit Award between them. Before this, Stewart had won three for Best British Producer ('86, '87 and '90). Meanwhile, Lennox had won seven awards including six for Best British Female Artist ('84, '86, '89, '90, '93 and '96) and one for Best British Album ('93).
BBC news:
Annie on celebrities and "good causes":
"You have to use your intelligence, you can't just let the opportunity slip by you. If you think you can affect some changes, great, if you think you're going to do some damage - shut up."